Slainte would like to thank our many fans for the tremendous support in purchasing our debut CD 'Taste the Best of Life'.   

We are delighted to announce our 2nd shipment of CDs has arrived. They are available here on the website, through the local music stores, St. John's music stores, and at our upcoming shows.

To order your copy of Slainte's debut CD, Taste the Best of Life, or our latest CD, Time Well Spent, please fill out the order form below and we will make direct contact with you to arrange for payment and shipping.

CDs are $20.00 each. Add $5.00 for shipping and handling per CD.

Store Locations

In Clarenville, the CD is available at: A & P Music

In St. John’s, the CD is available at: O’Brien’s Music, Water Street; Fred’s Records, Duckworth Street.